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Game process.
There are two realities in the game. You must pass the level by moving between them. Reality is not identical, objects and their position in different variations of the same room are different. You must find a way out using these differences.

To easily navigate through reality, you will have a special device. He will repeat all your movements in another reality and show you on the surface of the mirror. With it, you move between realities.

What awaits you.
The game has portals, pressure plates, buttons, moving platforms, which will improve your gameplay.

Portals serve to work between realities. They are located in different places in the premises. And through them you can see where there is another portal in another reality.
You can find boxes. They activate different mechanisms. Boxes can move between realities.
Buttons also interact with different mechanisms. In some cases, you need to get to them.
Parkour in two realities, too, will not let you be bored.

Published Nov 13, 2017
Average sessionA few minutes

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